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31 May 2009 @ 10:48 pm
dirty dirty bastards!  
mm Guess I got some more stuff to vent about on the wonderful L-j.  The fact that Ive backed myself into an intense corner, at the mercy of kindig, the only one left with money, starving me, angering me.  My family isnt gonna do anything I dont think, what a sad state of affairs.  I suppose Ill have to do it, and if that is finally the case, if its time for me, I will more than likely just fade away.  Ive been fading for like 23 years now, Im sure it wont be that difficult to go entirely.  Of course Im not gonna go out like a bitch, but if I dont eat soon Im gonna go whether I like it or not...I suppose thats a little overshot, its not like I dont have food at the moment, but it pains me to eat it anyways, first off, I get lectured on everything I eat cause kindig bought it all, and second its nothing our bodies even wanna use for energy.  Its not lookin to good.  I guess well see what happens with time, I might get to do what Ive always wanted to do a lot sooner.  Perhaps I should let my animal instincts take over, and see what I can do man vs nature.  That is what I want anyways, just not quite as epic battlish.
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